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    I work with businesses and ad agencies large and small. I have been merited for keeping cool under pressure and am often brought in at the last minute on projects or pitches to bring a burst of new thinking or assist in successfully making a deadline.

  • Baby Has Arrived!

    Mama Bison and her 2 day old baby.


    Photo Shot by Lore Dach

    This is the same bison rescue as in the shot below. She is one of two bison that had a baby this summer of 2017. Here they are enjoying green pastures. Below is mama last winter.


    Photo Shot by Lore Dach

    I shot photos and designed a website for this bison ranch farm store that sells bison meat. This is a bison rescue had its horns removed before arriving to the ranch. Some bison will live full free roaming lives, while others are destined to be slaughtered for meat. I was touched by these majestic and curious mammoth creatures beyond words! I will never see meat in a package at the grocery store the same again. I was a former steak lover but am now close to becoming a vegetarian.

  • Oh what fun it is.

    I feel sorry for people who hate their jobs! I love mine.

    Model's first chicken shoot.

    Thankfully, this was not Alektorophobia – a fear of chickens.

    By the end of the shoot these two became bestees. I see back-yard chickens in this model's future.

    Hug the dog if the day gets “ruff”

    Sydney, Strausberg's mascot is always there for us.

    While covering for an art director out on vacation, I snapped this photo of Olga and Sydney during a deadline crunch.

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